ASP-2001 AntiSlip paper

An extremely economical and ecological way to protect palletized goods against any kind of load shifting during transport is to use our plastic-free ASP-2001 AntiSlip Paper. Our high-quality, anti-slip special paper not only simplifies your internal logistics processes, but also leads to a reduction of up to 30% in the use of stretch film due to the significantly increased pallet stability, resulting in less plastic waste. In addition, transport damage due to load shifting can be drastically reduced.


Please find the link to our ASP-2001 anti-slip paper brochure below.

J.N. Lüning & Co. - Your anti-slip paper supplier from the Hanseatic City of Bremen!

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Our anti-slip paper has the following features:

  • Anti-slip paper sheets, coated on 1 or 2 sides.
  • Perfect protection aganst goods movement on pallets
  • Stabilize pallets up to inclinations of more than 50 degrees
  • Surface protection for sensitive sales packaging
  • Facilitates pallet handling in the factory
  • Food safe available


Please find below the link to the food safety declaration of our anti-slip paper against cargo shifting issued by our quality assurance department:

Food Safety Declaration

So that you can ship your food safely and sustainably!

Many corporations and packaging wholesalers appreciate our high quality anti-slip paper! Due to the excellent sliding friction values, which we achieve thanks to the use of the highest quality base paper as well as a complex coating and drying process, we can enable a continuous simplification of logistics processes. The special feature of our anti-slip paper is that we use a plastic-free, environmentally friendly and food-safe coating, which we are one of the few anti-slip paper manufacturers to have produced and developed ourselves.


With ASP-2001 anti-slip paper, you protect the environment!


  • 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Use of high quality paper from sustainable forestry
  • Good sliding friction values are achieved without plastic or toxic substances
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Transport protection for fresh food

Many years we distribute our 65 gr/sqm ASP-2001 anti-slip paper for applications with direct food contact. Because we use a kraft liner for this grammage and because of the food-safe coating, our anti-slip paper can come into contact with fatty and moist foods. For example, confectioners use our anti-slip paper as an insert in cake boxes - so that baked goods arrive at the customer in perfect condition.

Another application is in the catering industry, where the velvety and water-repellent anti-slip underlays are often used instead of a tablecloth or as a tray cover. In addition, there are many other ways to use our anti-slip paper, for example for sloping food displays, in pizza boxes to prevent migration and many more - even far from the food sector, for example for your safe shipping.