Cooling & Insulation Solutions Ecological & innovative insulating packaging

Ship fresh and frozen goods safely and sustainably!

Digitalization 4.0 has arrived at the end customer's grocery shopping. That's why large corporations and discounters have already set the course for the next stage of evolution: The shift from stationary to online retail.

The current developments are also accompanied by new demands on packaging suppliers:

  • Transport packaging must meet higher requirements in terms of marketing, as this is the supplier's flagship product in the case of direct deliveries.
  • The conscious thinking of many end customers about the environment presents packaging suppliers with new challenges
NATUR Vogelwelt auf Amrum

Due to the trend towards more environmental awareness in shipping, we developed the sustainable cooling and insulating solution Frische Box with a partner in 2017 for more environmentally friendly shipments. Meanwhile, we carry all standard sizes promptly available for you in our warehouse. Our environmentally friendly and patented Frische Box has the following features:

  • Ecological alternative to styrofoam box
  • Suitable for fresh & frozen goods
  • Temperature gradients & purchase prices of EPS boxes
  • Delivered flat -> in the area of storage, as well as during transport up to 90% savings
  • Consists of almost 100% cellulose -> ecological & cheap disposal in waste paper

-> absolutely sustainable cooling & insulation solutions!

We developed various ecological & innovative insulated packaging - first our Freshness Pads, which gave rise to the Hard Box & Freshness Bag.

1) The Hard Box is particularly suitable for:

  • applications where a pure cardboard and fast, easy handling are desired
  • a green image, as the solution is made of 100% pulp (paper) and is fully recyclable
  • individual branding / your own presentation, as this is possible even for small quantities
  • fresh food, as well as for frozen goods due to the very good insulating properties
  • fast handling due to the simple construction with two identical insulating inlays

The environmentally friendly Hard Box consists of an outer carton and two foldable cardboard rings. Several temperature zones can be set up in this green cool box by using inserts.

NATUR Vogelwelt auf Amrum

2) The freshness bag is especially suitable for:

  • shipping boxes in which not exclusively refrigerated goods are to be transported
  • a reduction in shipping costs, as this sustainable shipping packaging is relatively flat
  • therefore the volume is low
  • environmentally conscious shippers, as the cooling bags can be disposed of sustainably in waste paper and recycled
  • sensitive products, as the "soft" bag directly provides cushioning
  • Shippers who are looking for a flexible and interestingly priced shipping solution

The refrigerated goods are pushed into the environmentally friendly bag, the opening is sealed with a sticker and can then be shipped together with other products in standard transport cartons.

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