Fresh Box / Fresh Bag

An environmentally friendly & flexible cooler bag

Does your company ship temperature-sensitive goods and products in a box that do not need to be refrigerated? Do you have flat products that you want to ship sustainably and cool? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and flexible insulating solution?

Our environmentally friendly Freshness Box / Freshness Bag could be your solution!

Your chilled goods are simply pushed into our ecological insulated bag, then sealed with an adhesive strip and sent closed with other products in your standard transport boxes. In addition to excellent insulating properties, the soft cellulose layers provide effective protection against shocks during transport. The positive effect is that no cushioning material is needed and you save costs on material but also on packing. In addition, this soft and flexible cooler bag not only provides optimum protection for your sensitive goods, but also adapts to the size of your current boxes.

Fresh! Packing
Frische Tasche

If you only want to send refrigerated goods with this environmentally friendly insulated bag, you have the advantage that it is flat and therefore less bulky and cheaper to ship. For example, you can use a standard, flat book carton for your food shipments.

With our Freshness Bag, we are talking about a sustainable disposable or reusable transport bag for chilled and frozen goods. This is an optimal solution for small baskets of goods. In addition, our insulated shipping bag ensures safe and environmentally friendly fresh shipping (0°-8°C) for 12 to 48 hours.

In addition to the main area of application, the refrigerated dispatch of foodstuffs, our insulating solution is also used, for example, for the dispatch of paint or varnish cans or other temperature-sensitive goods. There are many creative possibilities: Like using it as a practical cooler bag for the next visit to the beach, so that drinks stay cold, or as a laptop bag due to the soft material.



  • Insulated bag for ecological refrigerated shipping.
  • Paper recyclable and compostable (after separation of the wrapping fleece).
  • Very flexible solution and effective protection against transport damage.
  • Particularly space-saving for shipping and storage.
  • Wrapper can be coloured and/or printed on request.

Further information


  • Manufacture EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012
  • ISO 14001:2009
  • EMAS III Environmental Statement 2016

With our insulated solution, we would like to support you in shipping your goods in a sustainable way: For this reason, our cooler bag is made of >95% cellulose or recycled paper and is therefore optimally suited for the recycling of materials.

For your green refrigerated shipping!

Your Lüning team will be happy to provide you with further information!

Food safety 

  • Wrapper and filler are approved for direct food contact according to:
  • DE: LFGB BGBL 1 1426 resp. 1474
  • EU: Regulation 1935/2004
  • US: FDA 21 CFR Ch.1
  • Quality assurance/ ISO 9001:2008

Most of the shipped food is directly packed, nevertheless we would like to give you an even safer feeling during transport with our food-safe wrapping.

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