Sustainable cooling elements

Our cooling packs provide active cooling for your shipment. Our sustainable cooling elements are approved for food contact and filled with a water-based gel. We offer different variants for your individual packaging requirements: economical standard gel packs, our space-saving and formable Cool-Pack blankets, segmented gel packs that fit perfectly, or sustainable kraft paper gel packs.

We are often asked whether cooling elements are needed for a refrigerated shipment?

Unless it can be ensured that the goods will reach the customer within 12 hours or that there is an unbroken cold chain, we usually answer this question with YES. If no cooling elements are used for active cooling, the temperature curve in the cool box will rise directly and constantly.

For this reason, it is advisable to rely on the active cooling of cooling packs for your food shipments in addition to passive cooling by means of an insulated box.

Kraft Paper Gel Packs

Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Gel Packs

Our eco-friendly kraft paper gel packs (cold packs) actively cool your sustainable shipments and ensure that when you open the package, your eco-friendly image is conveyed at the same time. But our gel packs don't just look sustainable, they also create less pollution than normal cooling elements that are disposed of in the normal waste stream. Although kraft paper gel packs are more environmentally friendly, they behave in exactly the same way as conventional gel packs. We offer our customers a wide range of sizes and weights, as well as custom designs.

Kraftpapier gel-packs
Gel-pack kuehlakku

Standard Gel Packs

Excellent Gel Packs at attractive prices

Our Standard Gel Packs are manufactured to the highest industry standards. We make no compromises whatsoever: neither with the excellent gel nor with the film. Our gel packs not only meet the common standard in the food industry - they even exceed it.

Cool-Pack Ceilings

Space-saving absorber cooling elements with excellent cooling properties.

A flexible solution, as the blankets consist of many ice cells. This means that your cooled product is perfectly covered and enclosed in a cooled blanket. You also reduce the storage space required, as the absorber ice sheets are supplied as semi-finished products. One box contains the equivalent of a full pallet of gel packs / cold packs.

Segmented Gel Packs

The segmented gel packs provide the best coverage for your products

The individual segments provide better coverage for your goods than conventional gel packs or cold packs. The production of the segmented gel packs takes place in the own production facility of a partner company. This allows the greatest flexibility in terms of size, weight and film type. We will be happy to adapt your segmented cooling packs to your specifications.

Packaging suggestion

Our packaging suggestion: In general, a number of cooling elements should be used that corresponds to about 15-20% of the weight of the goods to be cooled - the higher the weight of the cooling element, the slower the "cold" escapes. However, please note that many factors have to be taken into account, such as the nature of the goods or the existing cavities. For this reason, we are happy to recommend a cooling test for suitable active cooling in your Freshness Box.

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