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J.N. Lüning & Co. is your expert for ecological fresh food packaging from the Hanseatic City of Bremen!

Food packaging has two main functions:

  • Protective function: First and foremost, the product should be protected from external influences such as light, moisture, contamination and damage. In addition, they serve to protect against animal pests, micro-organisms and the loss of aromas.
  • Advertising & sales function: Packaging should promote sales. At the request of many end-customers, sustainable solutions are increasingly being asked for.

That's why we have focused especially on ecological packaging made of the raw material wood!

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Food packaging now accounts for around 44% of the packaging market. As a rule, these consist of a wide variety of materials such as plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum or tinplate. They ensure high quality, safety and diversity of supply. Packaging in itself accounts for only a fraction of CO2 emissions, which is why non-use of packaging in combination with spoiled goods would be devastating for the environmental balance. The climate footprint of the food is on average 16 to 30 times higher than the footprint of the outer packaging. It is therefore not a sustainable solution to dispense with packaging if this entails significantly more environmentally damaging product losses. That's why we specialize in sustainability, because the need for environmentally friendly packaging will continue to grow in the coming years.