Package your food sustainably! You want to do without cling film, aluminium and plastic in your kitchen altogether? Then we have a sustainable alternative that is good for you, your food and the environment. In summary, we are talking about a 1-year usable sustainable and ecological organic alternative to aluminium & cling film. This means it can be recycled for much longer than its conventional product siblings. It is made from organic cotton and beeswax and is therefore plastic-free. We can supply you with our eco-certified beeswax wipes in three variations:

  1. As formats and packed in a practical paper bag (in the following standard sizes: S - 18x20cm, M - 28x26cm, L - 33x36cm).
  2. We produce your own desired format, packed in matching cardboard boxes
  3. Rolls - you cut your product into the desired format yourself.

Generally, for each option, you can get individually branded bee cloths.