Parchment & Glassine Paper

Parchment paper - greaseproof wrapping and interleaving paper for food, natural white, wet strength

  • Cellulose paper
  • permanently wet-strength and greaseproof
  • Cellulose fibres are heavily shredded and then processed into paper
  • For parchmentisation, the surface is then treated with sulphuric acid.
  • This creates a permanent closure of the surface
  • 100 % greaseproof

Thanks to its properties, parchment paper is ideal for contact with wet or moist foods.

Freshly baked brownies on a parchment paper
Flat lay composition with delicious pizza baked in oven

Glassine paper (known as cream liner paper) - greaseproof, satin (glossy) interleaving and wrapping paper for baked goods and chocolates, white.

  • Manufactured from finely ground cellulose, mainly spruce wood.
  • During production, paraffin is added and the paper is mechanically smoothed
  • The paper runs in the calender (French roll) over several polished, heated & superimposed rollers -> the result is highly calendered paper
  • Pergymin is made of wood and does not require sulphuric acid treatment -> 100% recyclable & disposal with waste paper

Glassine paper combines the positive properties of paper, with the absorbency and breathability of plastic film, which is greaseproof and odourless.