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Pallet & load securing describes the protection of loads against physical forces of motion occurring during transport. Due to the inertia of the mass, these forces occur during the following movements:

  • when braking in the direction of travel
  • when accelerating to the rear
  • on uneven roads (gravity)
  • during cornering (centrifugal vs. centripetal force)
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Inadequate load securing can lead to goods shifting during transport, which can result in complaints from customers or fines from the police. This means not only more time, but also higher costs. For this reason, the topic of logistics, especially the correct packing and securing of pallets, is given a decisive role. Despite optimal individual packaging (cardboard, padding, adhesive tape, etc.), goods can be damaged during transport due to load shifting - the cause of this is often faulty pallet or load securing equipment.

A defining theme in the packaging industry is to focus on the environment and reduce plastic waste or even avoid it altogether. In the area of pallet securing for internal and external transport, it is often not possible to do without plastics completely due to the current technical standard of load securing materials - but nevertheless many achievements, such as our plastic-free anti-slip paper or reduced-strength high-performance stretch film, offer the opportunity to do something for the ecological footprint. The use of such materials not only has an environmentally friendly effect, but usually also ensures more favorable overall transport costs.

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As a specialist for load securing we offer a complete program consisting of:

  • Anti-slip mats
  • Anti-slip paper
  • dunnage bags
  • edge protectors
  • Stretch films
  • Strapping tapes
  • as well as many other sustainable solutions for pallet securing

Stretch film is used to secure pallets and is the most widely used load securing material. But stretch tapes can also be used to secure cardboard packaging on a pallet and prepare it for transport. If the goods are not to slip off the pallet during transport, so-called anti-slip paper is suitable, which ensures that the cartons are secured on the pallet, even if it is tilted. They are placed between the individual pallet layers or as protection on top and prevent goods from slipping. Our anti-slip paper has a water-soluble coating and is therefore also 100% recyclable. Anti-slip mats are also an important aid to securing loads. The anti-slip mats optimally prevent the load from slipping and thus ensure safety during transport. A cheaper alternative to anti-slip mats made of rubber granulate are anti-slip cardboards, which are 100% recyclable.


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