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Shipping tapes

The right shipping tapes for every purpose! Since our focus is on sustainability, we prefer our environmentally friendly range to conventional adhesive tapes made of PVC or PP: our paper adhesive tapes as well as our wet adhesive tape. They make recycling easier for consumers, as they can simply be disposed of together with the cardboard in the waste paper. Both paper and wet adhesive tapes can be printed individually, for example with your company logo.

But even if price in particular plays a role, we have alternatives for you: If a good price and good quality are desired, we have high-quality, low-noise PP adhesive tape and also even cheaper, loud-rolling packing tape for shipping.

All our packing tapes can be personalised with your imprint, even for smaller orders. We first print and coat wide rolls, which are then cut into small rolls, so that our adhesive tapes are very inexpensive.

Our range of adhesive tapes

  • Paper self-adhesive tape: our paper adhesive tape has good adhesive strength due to natural rubber adhesive and is more environmentally friendly.
  • Wet adhesive tape: The most environmentally friendly and, for higher requirements, also the most economical alternative. If required, we can also supply the machine (manual/automatic).
  • PP adhesive tape (low-noise): available in brown, transparent or white.
  • PP adhesive tape (loud unrolling): our most economical parcel tape.
  • Parcel tape with print as desired: you can have adhesive tape printed individually with us.
  • Adhesive tape with warning print: PP packaging tape, quiet unrolling, in fluorine-orange with warning text in black, such as "Caution Glass" or your individual print.
  • PVC adhesive tape: has a higher adhesive strength and tear resistance and is therefore particularly recommended for heavy packages or heavy loads.
  • Technical packing tape such as double-sided tape / carpet tape: for joining two surfaces such as film/cardboard and film/foil.
  • Tesafilm: we can deliver the complete tesa range to you promptly.
Close up. Packing Cartboard Boxes with Tape .
masking tape and car

We offer a wide range of different adhesive tapes or classic packing tape. In addition to classic PP adhesive tape, we also stock double-sided adhesive tape, paper self-adhesive tape but also PVC adhesive tape, or for higher requirements the particularly green wet adhesive tape - so we can offer you the right packaging tape for every purpose, also printed with your logo.

Our adhesive tape seals goods of all kinds firmly and securely. PVC adhesive tape usually has a natural rubber adhesive and a very high initial adhesive strength. It can be used for medium to heavy cartons. A polypropylene or PP adhesive tape has a hot-melt adhesive as the pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is also suitable for heavier goods, or a water-based acrylate adhesive, which is the most economical alternative. The acrylic adhesive version is the most commonly used. It is suitable for sealing light to medium weight cartons. Paper self-adhesive tape is an environmentally friendly alternative and is often used for marketing reasons to promote its green image to the end customer.

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