SIPA-XS AntiSlip cardboard

This 550 gr/sqm anti-slip cardboard was originally developed by J.N. Lüning & Co. as an ecological and attractively priced alternative to rubber granulate mats, also known as anti-slip mats - i.e. for applications where the strength values of paper are no longer sufficient.


SIPA-XS anti-slip paperboard has the following properties:


  • Strong anti-slip coating (compliance with VDI 2700 standard, sheet 14 confirmed by VDZ).
  • Suitable for load securing of most material pairings (PAL wooden skid against truck floor, box pallets against silk screen floor and many more).
  • Thanks to excellent anti-slip properties, securing is supported by other means (e.g. lashing straps) & can thus often be reduced.
Ladungssicherung 2

We developed this sustainable load securing material as an alternative to anti-slip mats for a chemical company. The result was a perfect alternative for customers who had to buy expensive anti-slip mats in bulk and then give them to their freight forwarder. Our solution costs only a fraction of anti-slip mats and can be disposed of cheaply and sustainably in waste paper after use.


In addition to being used as an anti-slip mat, i.e. as a transport securing means for truck transport, our environmentally friendly solution is also used as an anti-slip intermediate layer for heavy goods, for example in the metal and chemical industry.


Most often we sell this ecological transport securing means in a format of 150x1,200 mm for pallet skids, or in a format of 740x1,140 mm as an intermediate pallet layer.

The advantages:


  • Lightweight & easy to handle.
  • Attractively priced transport lock.
  • Available in any desired format.
  • Easy disposal with waste paper.
  • Environmentally friendly, as cardboard backing material is recyclable.
  • Reliable slip resistance due to special coating. Sliding friction values of > 0.6μ were determined in the test laboratory 1).

Technical data:

Special coated solid board 550 gr/sqm.


Many standard formats:

e.g. 100 x 200 mm, 150 x 800 mm, 150 x 1200 mm, 1250 x 1200 mm


We are also happy to produce your desired format - also as a small series!

Antislip cardboard for your office

In addition to industrial use, our anti-slip cardboard, due to the velvety soft coating, is also used as a desk pad, due to the high robustness as an anti-slip under the desk chair, or as a mouse pad in smaller cuts. Due to the original development as an industrial transport protection, it is a very attractive price and ecological alternative and can be cut into your desired format.