BandGo Dehnbänder

From J.N. Lüning & Co. you get particularly stretchy tapes for fast pallet securing at attractive prices!

When packing and distributing, stacking and palletising, for securing top layers and pallets, cartons, trays and containers - the elastic BandGo shipping stretch bands made of polyethylene hold your individual packaged goods of all kinds together.

Stretch bands for shipping

  • Easy handling: Simply put the stretch band over your shipping goods and they are secured.
  • Enormous tensioning force: The tensioning force ensures high retention forces in use and safe transport protection.
  • Different versions: We offer an economical standard version, but also a more stable XS quality and, for example, double stretch bands.
  • Pure disposal: Although we are talking about a plastic product here, it can be optimally recycled and added to the material cycle.
  • Strong elasticity: This ensures flexible application possibilities, for example for securing bulky goods such as furniture.

Available in sizes to fit Euro pallets, half pallets or industrial pallets.

Hochwertige und preislich attraktive dehnbaender

Our BandGo stretch tapes are very often suitable as a direct and more sustainable alternative to hand stretch film, as a wide variety of goods can be fixed together and your goods are thus quickly secured. Especially pallets and bulky goods can be fixed quickly and easily with the tapes. Compared to hand stretch film, significantly less material is used, which reduces the use of plastic and makes your shipment more sustainable. We have different versions for different purposes. Our standard quality is already extremely tear-resistant and if even higher strength values are required, we offer our XS variant. This is suitable for the combination of two pallets, so that it can also be used for road transport. Several pallet / carton layers can be optimally secured with our double expansion straps (see picture on the left). All stretch bands are extremely elastic and offer optimal protection for shipments. Thanks to their tensioning and stretching ability, they adapt perfectly to your goods. To use, simply pull the tape from the roll and cut it off at the perforation seam. Then pre-stretch the tape and open it into a loop to tie the stretch tape around the packaged goods. Secure loading prevents it from falling over or slipping.


  • ecological and resource-saving, as significantly less material is used with stretch wrap.
  • can be reused and thus saves up to 90% of the waste of conventional hand stretch film.
  • optimally suited for internal and external transport, whereby quick securing with stretch bands is often a favourable stretch film alternative.
  • stretch tape does not stick, so neither your product, nor the packaging or your labels are damaged.
  • holds the pack securely together, even bulky and very slippery products can be easily joined into one unit.
  • no accessories such as stretch film wrappers or hand dispensers are needed, just the roll of tapes which can be separated by hand.
  • the practical dispenser box simplifies handling and in general our stretch bands can be stored in a very space-saving way.
  • reasonably priced and available in many colours and thicknesses.
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