ZP-2001 SlipSheets Space-saving drawing pallets from Lüning

Slip Sheets by Lüning

Our ZP-2001 Slip Sheets are a thin sheet, made of laminated paper-paperboard and are produced in the same dimensions as classic wooden pallets, for example in EUR pallet format, or industrial pallet format. They can also be combined with existing pallet systems. Space-saving draw pallets are a simple and cost-effective alternative to the "usual" wooden pallets, for example for transport in containers, as the minimal height of the draw pallets often allows one more layer to be stacked. Apart from this advantage regarding storage space and transport, the weight of the wooden pallet can almost be saved. We offer slip sheets in one-way and reusable versions, in various designs, versions and with different coatings.

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Push- pull-vorrichtung

ZP-2001 slip sheets are handled by a special device called a push-pull attachment. This is an attachment for forklift trucks, with which the SlipSheets including goods are pulled from the push-pull attachment onto its flat forks. To minimise wear and tear, our SlipSheets are designed to withstand tensile and compressive forces that occur during transport.  For this reason, we also offer different qualities so that you can handle different degrees of weight, pressure and friction.

Our Slip Sheets are also available with anti-slip properties!

In addition, their properties make them very environmentally friendly: they are produced free of harmful substances and can be 100% recycled in waste paper. As another small benefit for the environment, the reduced weight, compared to the relatively heavy wooden pallets, reduces the CO2 footprint a little.

Our cost-effective slip sheets are suitable for a wide range of goods - from cardboard boxes to sacks, big bags and barrels to canisters and many other products. Thanks to the innovative push & pull device, the slip sheets can be loaded particularly quickly, efficiently and safely and cost only a small part of conventional pallets. In addition, they are extremely safe: there is less risk of injury and product damage occurs less frequently. In addition, they are significantly smaller and lighter, which saves enormous storage space: 1,000 draw pallets correspond to the space of 6 classic wooden pallets and can still carry a load of 2.5 tonnes. So they guarantee you optimum storage and container utilisation. All Slip Sheets are available in a wide range of designs for various applications. 

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Slipsheets not only reduce material costs, save space and are inexpensive, they also reduce the consumption of raw materials. In addition, they are considered extremely hygienic and can be 100% recycled with the waste paper. Almost all goods can be stored and transported on a slipsheet. Especially for overseas transport, these "export" pallets can be a very attractive alternative because of the advantages mentioned.

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