WickelFix High-quality and tear-resistant stretch film from J.N. Lüning & Co.

J.N. Lüning & Co. makes your cargo safe - as stretch film is one of the defining topics in transport security, we have built up an international network of suppliers and a great deal of expertise in consultancy over the past decades. So that your goods reach the customer economically, as sustainably as possible and optimally protected against cargo shifting!


We focus in particular on ecological packaging made from wood as a raw material, but as experts in load securing packaging we would like to offer our customers comprehensive advice and solutions that make the shipment of goods as sustainable and economical as possible. Since most larger shipments in trucks take place on pallets, the topic of stretch film takes on an important role, even if we are talking about a plastic load securing material here.

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Sustainable stretch film

As a company with a focus on sustainability, we concentrate on optimising your stretch film consumption so that you can still ship your load more safely with less stretch film and thus also save on plastic waste. In addition, we also offer three different high-quality ecological stretch films, which can be an absolute novelty for more sustainable shipping:

  • Stretch film made from renewable raw materials
  • Biodegradable stretch film
  • Stretch film with recycled content

Using "eco" stretch film minimises the risk of harming the environment if not disposed of properly, and generally has a lower carbon footprint. Nevertheless, we consider it the more ecological option to use stretch film with recycled material. Thus, the recyclable material cycle is strengthened and, if disposed of properly, a new plastic product can be manufactured with a relatively low input.

Currently, there are the following two possibilities to meet the basic idea of sustainability in pallet shipping:

  • Reduce plastic waste significantly (up to 50%) by using high-performance stretch films, which is the more economical way.
  • Using environmentally friendly stretch films and thus directly doing something for the CO2 footprint

Switching to a tear-resistant high-performance film requires comprehensive advice, as many details, such as the nature of your goods, how your goods are stacked, the weight and, for example, the technical equipment (stretch wrapper) are decisive for the right choice of stretch film. Our experts will be happy to visit you to carry out an on-site analysis and advise you in detail on how you can make your WickelFix stretch film use more sustainable AND cheaper.


The usual stretch films distinguish wrapping film / packaging film according to cast film and blown film. Cast stretch film is the ideal film for most packaged goods:

  • High transparency: you can see your product directly. Also important to see possible transport damage and thus prevent it.
  • Quiet unwinding noise: This makes for more relaxed working and satisfied shipping colleagues.

Blown stretch film is suitable for heavy and sharp-edged packaged goods as well as for applications that require absolutely smooth stretch film on one side:

  • usually loud unwinding noise
  • high puncture resistance
  • particularly tear-resistant, tough film
  • absolutely smooth on one side

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