SIMAG AntiRutsch-Matten

Our SIMAG anti-slip mats made of rubber granulate defuse slippery loading surfaces and reduce the total pre-tensioning forces required when lashing down loads.

Together with lashing straps, they ensure that the load forms a closed unit with the truck or wagon. They prove to be particularly advantageous for loads that cannot tolerate high contact pressure.

The friction-enhancing anti-slip mat underlays as defined by VDI 2700 can be used several times and are available as blanks, strips or rolls in standard thicknesses of 3 - 50 mm (standard strips: e.g. 800 x 150 x 3 mm). This makes them not only particularly sustainable, but also significantly more cost-effective!

Ladungssicherung LKW beladen

A simple product with a big effect!

Anti-slip mats made of anti-slip material significantly minimise the number of lashing straps required and thus reduce your costs while maintaining the same load safety. In addition, they reduce the total pre-tensioning forces required when lashing down the load and still do not damage your goods. Anti-slip mats made of rubber granulate can be reused and are the most commonly used material in Germany alongside anti-slip paper to prevent goods from sliding. This makes it particularly suitable for heavy loads, sharp-edged goods and all pallet loads. Thanks to the void fraction, contamination and moisture are also prevented - even with oil or diesel. For optimal load securing, the right anti-slip mat must be selected - let us advise you!

Thanks to elastic materials, different degrees of softness can be achieved, which have a positive influence on load securing. So-called deformation depressions, which are created by the pressure of the load on the elastic material, make it even more difficult for the load to slip. Thinner mats offer this effect only to a small extent. Accordingly, the material thickness should be selected in such a way that at least 70% of the mat thickness is still available after deducting the deformation trough.

Anti-slip mats made of solid rubber material are suitable for:
  • heavy loads
  • sharp-edged loads
  • Steel transport
  • Reinforcing steel mesh
  • all pallet loads